We engage language as a form of community and cultural expression, and present language in an accessible format to encourage community use.


Online Learning

Free Online learning platform 

Immersion Lesson

Check out our online Immersion Lesson

Anũpa' Estwasúhah

Play the Uma version of Wordle. 5 character (not letters) limit!

Uma Keyboard

Free keyboard app for phone or desktop that contains the Uma alphabet

Uma Dictionary App

Download free phone app of the Uma dictionary from the Google Play store


Uma Name Challenge

Translate your name into Uma (15 min activity)


Summer Challenges

Three free and simple activities for summer camps or classrooms

Vocab Videos

short vocab and pronunciation practice with the language team



A question series to prompt discussions of Thanksgiving holiday and Indigenous Identity

Language Arts

The gallery of media art, memes, and language use created by our team and submitted by Uma users

Surname Translations

A list of a few common last names translated into Uma



Download our collection of free printable posters of Uma phrases and terms

Outreach Events

Content from past outreach events


List of publications by or featuring the project