We are launching an Uma' Language 

online learning platform <3

The free online learning lessons are a culmination of TEN years of work by a team of independent, unpaid Houma Language Project volunteers. 

We want to specifically celebrate those who worked to get this platform up:

Ben Wood

Colleen Billiot

Brittany Verdin-Jimenez 

We are sharing this platform as a love letter... 

..to our elders, our families, the Indigenous community, and the social media community who have stanned our little group of big ideas since 2013

Yakuke (thanks)

How to Use:

This project was made possible by the 7000 Languages, an online platform empowering communities around the world to teach, learn, and sustain their endangered languages.

Terms of Use

The Uma' Anũpa' (Uma') content on 7000 Languages was created by the Houma Language Project (HLP), an independent volunteer effort composed of Houma Indian individuals and linguists, and should not be copied or distributed without the express prior consent of HLP. Those seeking to create similar Uma' content should consult with HLP to ensure all aspects of language (ie. grammar, phonetics, spelling, etc...) are accurate.